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Wishbone Chairs

In 1944, inspired by Chinese chairs from the Ming Dynasty, Danish furniture designer  Hans J. Wegner  designed the  Wishbone Chair,  his most successful design of all time. To this day, the  Carl Hansen & Son  factory continues to produce the chair with it’s iconic Y shaped wooden back and frame and hand woven paper cord seating. Did you know it takes 400 feet of paper cord to construct the seat, which is meant to last at least 50 years of wear? I’m crushing hard on these timeless chairs – especially the ones with the natural wood frames.

Urban Cottage with Transitional Coastal Interiors

 Located in the majestic town of Newport Beach, California, this single family urban cottage has everything you could dream of… including a seaside location! The cottage was completed in May of 2015 by one of the top builders in California, Patterson Custom Homes , and architect Brandon Architects, Inc. Featuring casual transitional coastal interiors with a fresh hint of color, this urban cottage is not only a perfect place to live but also something to be inspired by. I’m sharing many details with you in this post. So make sure to take notes on paint colors, lighting, backsplash, countertops, tiling, decor and more. I hope you have a great time! Urban Cottage with Transitional Coastal Interiors